Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hot off the press

Just had an e-mail off Ray Benson, (Ex Etherow Member) Colwyn Bay Model Boat club.

Hi Pete.
Saturday, 28th May, 2011 Colwyn Bay Model Boat Club will be at Rhyl Marine lake. We are putting on a show because there will be 7 trains running around the lake! Six steam trains and 1 diesel. The trains have been running around the lake for 100 years so it is a celebration weekend, ( Sunday and Monday trains only.)
There will be other attractions and it is all FREE. 2 of the trains were built in 1921 and they have been completely overhauled and will be running.
Lake can get a bit choppy at times but free sailing.
Can you let your club know what is going on, they might be interested in the trains as there is quite a nice station. Free car parking adjacent to the lake.
Regards Ray

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Bob Abell says that a couple of the trains were from the Belle View railway when it closed down, No crying into your beer now!

This could be a good day out and all free, can't be bad. 
Bob, Joyce, Rosie, Velda, Pepe and I will be going, hopefully all the weekenders will be at their caravans by then.
Perhaps see some of you there!

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