Sunday, 1 May 2011

Etherow New lifeboat.

Yesterday we went early to the lake, had lunch and walked Pepe round then went to the club house for the launch of the yacht club's new rescue boat, that we had all been invited to, there was another couple of members there as well , Including a new family signed up on the day!

click here for yacht launch

Ken Pheasy arrived with his new lifeboat and after a bit of trouble with one motor not working, discovered it was a lead worked loose in transportation, but all very interesting to the boys of the new family members in tracing and repairing the fault, good experience for them. 
All went well with the maiden voyage though as you can see here

The Red and White boat in the distance on the video is Velda's "Aziz".
I had the club boat ("Paula 111) out and was giving a small boy a go when the strong side wind capsized it, so it was out with our rescue boat and off like Steve Redgrave to get it, still working when I got it back to shore and given a good dry out in the sun and ready for action next time out

Another good day at the lake!
Three new memberships in the post when we got home, so four new members in total on the day!

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