Saturday, 7 May 2011

Great Eastern

The Great Eastern as you probably know was the first iron ship built by Brunel with Screw Prop, Paddle wheels and sails, after a lot of research our club member Bob Abell decided to scratch build a 7 foot model of it.

Tough in those days, the walkways were for the officers to sail the ship, in all weathers!.

Out of retirement!

Just recently he has brought it out again to add the cable laying feature to it.
Did you know the Great Eastern was the ship that laid the first transatlantic telegraph cable, there you go you have not had a wasted few minutes reading this, but learned something.

Winding winch to bring cable on deck, can you imagine enough cable to go across the big pond.

Cable run

Cable off back of ship

Not content with this Bob added a fishtail rudder , yes I know before you mention it, its a Becker rudder to give it its right name.

To follow this project further

Hope you enjoy following this project to its conclusion.


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