Thursday, 26 May 2011

Traders night

I thought the traders night went quite well and there was plenty of interest in the items that Phil had brought along, this was the first time and he wasn't too sure what was wanted by the different people that would turn up.
Some thought he had turned up late, but this was all cunningly arranged so that any announcements to be talked about could be done without interruption.
I thought the members there were quite taken with the idea so have arranged for Phil to come again on the 2nd club night of  June, that is the 22nd of June.
Some of the members stated that they didn't know of this event, but it was discussed at the meeting before this one and put on the club blog diary where its been for two weeks. On the day I also blogged about it to remind people, so if you missed it or didn't take your pennies on the night and you have a PC you have only yourselves to blame.

So put it in your diary and if you saw something you wanted and didn't have your wallet you can always go to the shop now you know what is available there, see location in the entry under "Pages" for shops!

I was given a folder by Phil last night with all the kits he has available and the prices, so if you are in the market for a kit phone me and I will give you the price and might even get you something off with your membership.

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