Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ritalea Launch

Looking at the first picture in the previous blog (Saturday 26th) I noticed on the bank of the lake at Lyme park Velda's Zephyr which is the boat that Bob Abell built from plans in Model Boat magazine

The then Ritalea was given a Fish tale rudder by Bob and whilst testing it sold it to Velda as she liked it so much, after a bit of tarting up which the ladies like it turned into the present boat

I thought it might interest the Steering Competition members out there as the turning circle on this boat is fantastic

As the eagle eyed amongst you will see the top bracket is made from an electrical prong off a plug, what a good idea hey , and it might get your boat round those corners on the course a bit better

Bob had this idea published in Model boats magazine 


  1. Hey Duckie

    Your boat would look nicer, if the rudder was painted yellow?

  2. Like to have your handiwork on show mate!


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