Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Looking back

I was looking back at some old pictures to-day and came across a couple sent me by Bob Abell which I'm sure he won't mind me using, the first gives you an idea of the inside of our clubhouse if you are just a casual viewer or thinking of joining us 

That's me talking with my hands as usual, My son always says that if you cut off my hands I would be speechless.

The second is of a visit we Teal's and the Abel's took to Bury Model boat club and Bob came home with the Best Yacht on the day trophy (2007) 

If he fell off Burton's he'd fall into a new suit !

Bob titled this picture 
"Pleased as Punch with two Judy's" 

And the last is Bob's idea for the Commodore's challenge this year !!

Boat retriever

 I like it, if their mouth is soft enough not to injure a duck, would it damage a boat though  ??

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