Monday, 7 March 2011

Bob Abell, Ellesmere Port News at 10-00

Bob Abell reporting......
I got to the show about 2.30 pm, so the early mad rush had passed me by.
The trade stands were very quiet and I heard a group of traders complaining about the poor turnout. I was on the lookout for the large Fairey Huntsman and a Glasgow paddler, but didn`t spot any.
Most of Joe Publick were outside, looking at the very impressive model dock the sunshine....even though there was a chilly wind blowing.
The club stands were very well attended with hundreds of boats on display. Saw Chris Gutteridge and Les Jones on the Lifeboat stand
There was a big attendance of a new attraction......model lorries and tractors etc. The big lorries were very well made with all the necessary sound effects etc......They were obviously built from kits, but I didn`t see any on the stands
Another new attraction was indoor model aircraft. One model flying about very nicely was about 20" wingspan built from Fairey dust and spiders webs, and had a receiver about 1/4" square with similar sized battery and servos!
The museum itself is very interesting and has dozens of nostalgic old wrecks and relics on show and was nice to see that most of the barges were being faithfully restored. For this weekend only, the entrance fee was only....£3.00
Verdict......A nice show and will be going again next year


  1. Nice report Robbo, nice break from the kitchen cabinets was it!!

  2. Thank you, Del Boy

    It made a nice break from the endless kitchen rebuild.
    Pity I didn`t take any club stand pictures.....Didn`t realise, I was the clubs reporter!


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