Thursday, 17 March 2011

New table

Went to Etherow to-day to give a helping hand to Mike who had all the bits and pieces for the new table near the gate that had been destroyed by the people with nothing better to do over Christmas.

Mike has made sure it won't move this time by making the new one out of metal and welding it to the railings

Even painted it

Do you want tea or coffee?

As you can see Velda did her woman's thing, didn't even ask him  to display his badge.

Finished thing

Nice job as always Mike.

Dave Lee had a try out on the way home, and rated it a success !!
And you still get to use the bottom for a seat.

Did you hear of the factory manager that invented a marvellous appliance for speeding up the production in his factory ! , He called it a whip.


  1. Where did you plug the welder in?

  2. He wasn't plugged in,he just needs a cuppa now and then Boom Boom! and a long long lead into the clubhouse that Velda has a key for!


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