Sunday, 6 March 2011

Something for the weekend sir!

Yesterday we met Graham (the " Lily" as in the head picture) also his wife and daughter at the lake and we had a good natter and I took this video of two of his superb models, his daughter Kirsty hasn't quite tamed the Duck yet but is getting there.
Graham is looking good after his bad patch of illness and when I mentioned it was too cold to be sat about he informed me he had got on his electric Motorcycle suit! 
We could have all done with one I think.  

Whilst waiting for Graham to arrive Velda and I did a couple of jobs on the landing stage, ie I changed the Club signs on the public side of the landing as you can see the main one is faded to almost nothing so changed them round and discarded the old one.


Did a bit of repair work on the Frequency board as well, I would think that as things are going with the change over to 2.4gig it will be obsolete in a couple of years, what do you think !

Velda gave the landing stage floor a good going over and the garden a weeding  ready for the Fiesta sailors the next day
So all in all a good weekend, what with the Fiesta's starting their year and Ellesmere on over the weekend and the weather brightening up all's well. 

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