Saturday, 19 March 2011

Underwater Video RC Submarine

Been to the lake to-day and did a few jobs on the tables !. A few years ago I'd put some edging strips on the tables as the greenery on the end grain was getting on peoples clothes, the only trouble was it was only soft wood, so it was starting to rot!  So to-day I've replaced it with decking strips so it will last as long as the tables now.

New edging on tables

Edging on Mikes new table

Didn't stay long afterwards as it was still chilly when we stopped working.

There was a lot of work being done refurbishing the outside of the clubhouse by the yacht club members, so that should look nicer the next time you see it.

My son found this You-tube video for the submarine fans out there, enjoy!.

And for the dog lovers here is a dog we saw there to-day.
Boston the 12 wk old Boston Terrier.

Don't forget its the start of the Steering competition  to-morrow , see diary on left!!

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